BioNovion B.V.

BioNovion aims to bridge the innovation gap existing between early discoveries in the laboratory and clinical validation in patients. BioNovion has developed a ‘Proof-of-Concept’ platform that is capable of generating clinical candidate antibodies against novel targets that, supported by a comprehensive preclinical biological data package, will be validated as new treatment opportunities for patients.  BioNovion is focused on new research targets at the interface of immunology and oncology. BioNovion has established a unique portfolio of antibody programs. Our research model involves a close collaboration with world-class academic and clinical research groups that develop novel clinical paradigms operating at the cutting edge of Immune Oncology.

In addition to its internal programs, BioNovion offers its expertise and Technology platform  to partners (academic institutes, companies) providing discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies in a fee-for-service or collaborative setting.

For more information: www.bionovion.com