About us

Brabant Life Sciences Seed Fund

Life Sciences are seen as the future for sustainable innovations and economic developments since the sector contributes to the world's greatest challenges.

Brabant has the ambition to take a leading role in the development of cross-border initiatives at the intersection of these domains. The Brabant Life Sciences Seed Fund was established to support this ambition.
Innovations are usually derived from transnational/multidisciplinary activities. We are particularly interested in innovations that are based on biological and / or biochemical principles. 

We aim to deliver a significant contribution to the global challenges:

Website Heal The World Rood

also called the Red Life Sciences, applications in health care and pharma.

Website Feed The World Groen

also called the Green Life Sciences, applications in agro and food production.

Website Fuel The World Blauw

also called the white life sciences, applications in industrial production and energy supply.